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Repost: How A Fluffy Tutu Helped Me Find My Magic Again

Sarah Sapora-Marketing expert and lifestyle blogger passionate about empowering women to be more inspired and body positive in their everyday lives. (The Huffington Post 5/6/2015) Reposted 5/10/2015 on Mysylph. Photos by Nichole Alex.

A few years ago I started noticing this trend in fashion blogging — tutus.
Blame it on SJP and Sex and the City if you will, but tutus were suddenly everywhere. Petite girls, plus size girls, women of all shapes and colors were donning fluffy skirts and posing for pictures on rooftops, desert roads, beaches and urban city streets. Oh look, another tutu pic…

Cut to the present. I was deep in the throes of a stream of crappy dates — feeling blue and lackluster. I’d sought solace at the bottom of many containers of Haagen Dazs Limited Edition Peanut Butter Pie. I had exasperated all my Back Up Guys via text and watched Sleepless in Seattle for the third time when I came to the conclusion of the cold, hard truth — if I wanted to get My Magic back, I was going to have to get it myself. And that’s when the idea pinged over my head like a cartoon lightbulb: I wanted a tutu.

What would I do with one? Where would I wear it? How on earth did buying one make sense?

I threw away each of these practical questions and turned to Etsy. A quick search revealed dozens of vendors offering tutus. I flipped through page after page til I found the perfect match and squealed in delight when I saw a HUGE color card to pick from. Did I want bright pink? Vivid aqua? Shocking yellow? And then I saw My Color. Electric Coral. It spoke it me. It Dolly Parton sang to me. Before common sense could intervene, I placed an order for my very own, custom-made tutu.

It arrived on a Thursday. Packed into a small, lightweight box. And when I took it out and released its glory unto the world — the heavens sang.

It had magical powers. As if it was sewn from threads of whimsy and delight.

The tutu sat on the floor of my friend’s apartment and gathered spectators, all coming to pay homage to it, having heard about it through the grapevine. Selfies were snapped. And every woman, no matter how old, how serious, or how jaded and “oh so, LA” became an enchanted little girl in its presence. Skinny girls. Big girls. Twenty-something girls and 40-something executives all melted into pools of giggling pleasure as she wrapped it around her waist. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Tutu.

Do you wonder what it feels like to wear a tutu?

Once you get over the silly feeling — which lasts all of seven seconds — you feel simply glorious.

You are transported back to your parent’s living room, swirling around in oversized dress up clothes with sticky, jelly covered fingers. Before college or period cramps or micromanaging bosses. Before agonizing over each text He sent, stressing about debt, wondering when those wrinkles got there? When desire, not obligation, was your daily fuel.

You feel emotions you haven’t dare been in touch with, since gravity hit your breasts and grey hair started creeping in at your crown. Whimsy. Glee. Enchantment. Freedom.

You know, the things “grown-ups” just don’t allow themselves to feel.

For just those few minutes, you are The Little Princess, Sara Crewe, reunited with her father. Mary Lennox in her Secret Garden, blooming with flowers. Eloise running free through the Plaza. Alice gazing upon Wonderland for the first time.

For that period of time, striped socks, leg warmers, glitter Mary Janes and a polka dot skirt is a totally legit fashion choice. Spoonfuls of Nutella are a perfectly suitable dinner. Making a blanket fort with your BFF is the awesomest of Saturday night activities. She who had the most Lisa Frank stationary won at life. And nobody, and I mean nobody, could tell you that that plastic lanyard friendship bracelet made safety pinned to a sock while sitting cross-legged on the bed wouldn’t last forever and ever and ever.

You are Madonna. And Tiffany. And the sky isn’t just blue, it’s “Electric Blue” (thank you, Debbie Gibson) and you can paint the world any color you like with your brand new set of scented markers and glitter lip gloss and hair sprayed with Sun In…

But then the Galaxy beeps on the table next to you.

And the spell is broken.

Crestfallen you take your tutu off. Pack it (somewhat) neatly back into the box. And return to life. Your boss emails. And the phone clangs and dings in your hands. The Internet goes out (again) and you unplug the router for the eighth time. And your jeans are tighter than they were last week (whaat?) and you look forward to your current definition of Saturday night awesomeness activities, eating Chipotle and catching up on Scandal.

But as you stuff that box away under your bed, you touch it lovingly. You’ll always have that box. Stuffed with your tutu. That fluffy, frothy, magical tutu. Sitting at rest and waiting. It’s yours to cherish. To take for a whirl when you need it the most. When you need to remind yourself its ok to be young at heart, to make friends with that little girl inside you with the jelly covered fingers. To never entirely let her go. And nobody, we mean nobody, can tell you that joy won’t last forever and ever and ever.

And so I urge you, from one woman to another. Find your tutu. If you’re feeling frisky, get your own! But if tulle and ribbon isn’t in your future, find something. Something that belongs only to you. A dress in your favorite color. The faded New Kids on the Block tee you’ve had since the 7th grade. Or something made of lace. Something, anything, that when you slip it over your head makes you utterly impervious. To stress and to obligation. To big, scary decisions with lots of consequences. To transport you to a more simple time when you lived in the moment, time was on your side, and anything was possible.


See the full article here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-sapora/how-a-fluffy-tutu-helped-me-find-my-magic-again_b_7052240.html

Repetto Suppliers U.S. 2015

Repetto Paris Store Window Holiday theme. La!
Repetto Paris Store Window Holiday theme. La!

Hello Mysylph readers and Repetto aficionados!

It’s a new year 2016 and there is some wonderful news stateside about Repetto-they have seen the light and opened a flagship store in Manhattan at 400 West Broadway in Soho. It is not some tiny little store, but an homage to the paris Repetto store in every conceivable light. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this store (I will try to keep you up to date on sales, events, etc). In the meantime, please see their website for more information on the U.S. location. I will be publishing an updated post on their store, selection and other info as it becomes available. Currently they are overstocked. A pair of pointe shoes with ribbons, and a pair of leather flats came to just $124. Persistence pays off….

[Welcome to the new updated list of US Repetto Suppliers for 2015! Sadly, many of the previous year’s suppliers have gone off Repetto, but several have also been added. It seems there is some activity with regard to promoting new accounts, or there has been an increased demand for the shoes (which I have heard) and I hope in some small way we are a part of that evolution.]

We have since switched to Grishko’s due to their availability, however-not because we do not LOVE Repettoes, but because when we have the Repettoes custom made we have to buy five pairs and this is often too expensive for me, and when we need additional pairs we got off track. We have no where near us to buy them currently and no one is usually able to fit properly when we do find them. I am planning a trip to the actual Repetto store for this purpose (some day). Hopefully, I will bring back things for you all and I will post them up for sale on this website (if I do). Little baubles, especially tutus……:)

Repetto’s distributor in New York has a storefront and they were very snooty when my daughter went in, while she was in school in New York. I think somehow I got charged twice for the same pair of shoes, too. Nevertheless, she still loves the shoes. They are solely a distributor and have in all, been very accommodating to us, on a whole. Additionally, some of these people have been replaced. The current contact is more helpful than some others in the past, but has completely no information about our previous custom order (they have no problem finding the bills and credit card payments though, usually). Not this time.

This underlines the need for Repetto to improve their stateside operations which are virtually nonexistent. That is probably why this list is so important, because it is these fine stores (listed below) which act as a go-between for you, so that you may have the best experience possible and enjoy your new Repetto items without constraint or reprisal. Repetto still has an almost iron-clad no return policy, especially on pointe shoes.

Some may wonder why I continue to post the list if I have these grievances with Repetto, and that is simply because the shoe, once obtained is one of the most incredible shoes on the planet (I love Repetto pointe shoes). Also, their other products are very well-made and beautiful, too; if you can get them. I would probably recommend wearing Repetto EVERYTHING if I could get them~ The only issue I have with their ballet product line is that their ballet bags are rather small, so if you buy one (as a keepsake) remember this and do not expect the cavernous yaw that American ballet dancers are used to.

Last year, about this time, I was informed by my rep at Repetto, who was very nice, that they were excited to tell me that in the new year (this past year) they would be receiving additional ballet items stateside, and planned a launch in January of 2014. Subsequently, as we no longer had contact with them after March 2014, I gave up hope as I heard nothing more about this.

However, in 2014, Repetto FR opened many retail boutiques all over Europe, and in most other countries you visit, but their main focus is on the ready-to-wear items. Opening Ceremony had for a limited time, as part of a display, romantic length tutus, which sold out astronomically quickly, and no more were planned to be ordered (I checked).

I do plan to renew my pestering of Repetto, when I have time to do so, in an effort to make more of their products available here, but so far my past complaints have not proved very helpful. I am just one voice. So, when you get the chance, you should also write to Repetto (in FRANCE) and complain, per your own motives. I do think a lot of voices are effective. Eventually.

Please contact these suppliers for your needs. Most of them are very willing to go to war for you-otherwise they would not deal with Repetto at all-so you must assume they LOVE their products (and their customers) very much, too! I do not envy them their positions, but I admire them…..Keep on Dancing!

Per the usual, please post comments or info and I will be glad to pass it on.

After Post Comment- Do not become overly excited about the numerous Discount Dance entries. Two of these may not be actual stores or may have a reason they are on the list at all, i.e., Repetto is confused about their warehouse operation versus their store, i.e. Repetto posts mailing addresses. The Anaheim store does not carry Repetto at all, only the Gamba, and this is the same through the catalogue. Their policy is to order for you, but that would require a fitting….and some knowledge of the product, which to date they have not obtained-

New York City Flagship Store

400 West Broadway

New York, NY

Telephone: (917) 999-0501

Hours: M-Sa 11:00-7:00
Sunday 12:00-6:00

Google Map Directions: http://bit.ly/1JIuctr
Website location information http://www.repetto.com/en/boutiques/united_states/new_york


1501 N.Raymond Ave, E

Anaheim CA  92801




225 E College Avenue

Appleton WI  54911

M-F 10-6

Sa 10-4




185 Cambridge St

Burlington MA  01803


online catalogue available-check sizes in stock before ordering



5301 N. Clark St. Fl.2

Chicago IL  60640

773-728-5344 (Karen/Bryan)

3/4 and full

batches 97 and 93 currently

*Had the G11 in stock in my size, but 2 WEEK RESUPPLY WOULD BE APPLICABLE FOR NEW ORDERs*


8958 Blue Ash Road

Cincinnati OH  45242




101 North Main Street, Suite 16D

Crystal Lake IL  60014

By Appointment


Sylvia’s Pointe Shoes (actually a master fitter who wore Repetto’s for 20 years) beware the Gamba afficionado who sells Repettos-not the same at all, even though both are now made by Repetto. She was able to provide some information, but still claimed the shoes (letters) were not relevant. (False.)* If you are ever out that way, does a three hour fitting session, and she has good relationship with Repetto!

*[I have later discovered the reason for this issue-they are not supposed to matter. Repetto actually changed the lasts at the time of that writing, so the shoes were actually significantly different. A new fitting would be required as Repetto does not like to make custom orders.]


2114 Central Street

Evanston IL  60201

847- 733-8460

only sells Gamba



180 Welles St. Ste 500

Forty Fort PA  18704

no phone listed



1627 New Gardner Rd

Greensboro NC  27410-2001

M-F 10-7

Sa 10-4

Closed Su




253 E Pittsburgh St

Greensburg PA  15601

M-Th 10-8

F-Sa 10-5

Closed Sunday




352 Greenwich Av

Greenwich CT  06830

No hours obtained


Spoke-carries 205, 207, NOT La Carlotta



364 Old Country Road

Hicksville NY  11801

M-W, F 10-6

Tu, Th 10-7

Sa 10-5

Closed Sundays




248 York St, Floor 1

Jersey City NJ  07302




2509 S Robertson Blvd

Los Angeles CA  90034




3004 Cleary Avenue

Metairie LA  70002




517 Holcombe Ave

Mobile AL  36606




2221 McHenry Ave, Suite G

Modesto CA  95350




328 East 11th Street

NY NY  10003

Closed Sunday





2432 NE MLK Blvd

Portland OR  97212

No hours obtained


@ weeks order time

very good follow-up/willing, friendly



3228 N University Ave

Provo UT  84604




659 Mission Street

San Francisco CA  94102


Most well stocked provisioner of Repetto Pointe Shoes I have encountered. The staff is very helpful, but not entirely anxious to accommodate special requests. The owner, however, is a gem. If one can obtain the correct point shoe here, they have no problem in supplying it. They are prompt, courteous and there is a discount program for which you may register. Their Oakland store does not supply Repettoes.The shipping was cheap and they arrived in normal mail time by UPS.

The only difficulty I faced was again with the distributor and the point shoe itself. They still claim, despite my proof, that the shoes are identical except for slight variations. They still claim the letter is a date and will not accede to the fact that the B’s fit my daughter and the other letters do not. We have also found that the I’s fit well enough. But the B is the perfect shoe, in the 11’s and the 12’s.


65 Garth Road

Scarsdale NY  10582




2240 N. Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale AZ  85257




213 Scranton Carbondale Hwy

Scranton PA  18508




5012 University Way NE

Seattle WA  98105-4342

M-W, F 10-5

Th 10-7

Sa 10-5

Sun 12-4




375 Putnam Pike, Suite 6

Smithfield RI  02917




25701 North Fwy

Spring TX  77380




590 Market Street

St. Augustine FL  32095




Carries full line, though some items are provided in limited quantities. Full service boutique and some items are online only-They carry, as a rule, in point shoes: La Carlotta, Julietta and Bayadere, also demi-pointes, tights, technique socks, leotards, sweater wraps, ballet bags, etc. I spoke with Colleen and she seemed ready, willing and able to assist in locating or procuring items. They will drop ship-)




6025 N. Wayne Rd

Westland MI  48185




2035 Essex Road

Williston VT  05495