Ballet Ruse

Fall leaves 2014 October 18 3

I think it was Tamara Rojo who said that ballet was the fairest profession. You either have it or you don’t. If you do have it, you cannot give up trying to achieve what you don’t have or what you want. You weather. Genetics may form you, function may form you, but there is an aspect of ballet, being truly great, which is totally dependent on you. What you do everyday, how hard you work, persistence, determination, dedication, it can all pay off, but you have to keep trying-keep your eyes on the ball. If you falter, unless you are twice as fast as the non-falterer, and much better, then you could fail. You do not really have a minute to lose, or to waste, because somewhere, someone in the world is working on that aspect you are taking a break from. Sick? Like a job, work, unless you will make everyone else sick, even then, do what you can everyday. Stay healthy. You cannot walk off the job, casually, and tell no one where you are going or why. Don’t laze about in class, and use every minute of your day to try and get better at something. Make a list of the things you really want to work on to improve and don’t dawdle. Stick to that list-get it off the table as soon as possible to make a new list. Finish other things, too. Plan ahead. Envision yourself as a flower, a field of poppies, whatever you can to inspire you to grow and spread your wings. If you can keep this up and you really really love to dance, then perhaps, you will weather the Winter storms and still be standing to blossom in the Spring.

Keep on Dancing!


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