Spring 2013 A New Page

Scotney Castle Gardens, Kent, UK | Shaded step...
Scotney Castle Gardens, Kent, UK | Shaded steps with bluebells and azaleas (10 of 16) (Photo credit: ukgardenphotos)

There are new things blooming in my garden -not the garden in the picture, and most of them I put there, but there are some orange flowers that were there already. I put tulips, but I do not think they are the tall ones, rather little magenta ones. I also planted a rose bush at each end-one large one with big dark pink blossoms, and one small one, and they seem to be a dark red (I thought they were the orange and white ones). I have space left. They are watered everyday by hand and by a sprinkler system that mostly gushes water in some places and sprinkles it in others. I have to watch it each day and it requires thinking about ahead of time. My garden is not yet complete. I want flowers to blossom each month. An unexpected drop in temperature could smash all my dreams. Next, May. The current color (or absence of it) tells me some purple and some white and maybe a little more orange would be pretty. Why purple? Why white? Why more orange? Some herbs would be nice, too. Peppermint and rosemary for sure. A garden is something like dance-you get to plan ahead for the next year, blossoms make a good day, you decide what and when, surprises happen, the whole thing may go awry (but you can keep on dancing) and sometimes the obvious choice is not the right one. Ballet dancers are made, not born.


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