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Book them!!! As Civil War Devastates Their Home, The Donetsk Ballet of Ukraine Will Travel to Philadelphia for Nutcracker

Contact International ballet Exchange for details of their tour and possibly to book them!!! Performance is from 2008- read article following for more information. This makes me cry.


As civil war devastates their home, The Donetsk Ballet of Ukraine will travel to Philadelphia.

R_I_C E!

RICE rest, ice, compression, elevation—most dancers will want to attend to small pains now, before the holiday and Nutcracker season starts. Here’s background and advice from some of ballets’ prominent NYC and Philadelphia-based ballet physical therapists and treatment providers. Take care of niggling problems now, before they become a major issue! Keep on dancing!

via PT’s Advice Can Determine Outcome of Ballet Performance | NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants.