What’s Making Me Happy {7}

Bethany Larson

Well, this week has had a lotta bit of good and a pretty good chunk of bad too. The good is career-related (I know I’ve been vaguely saying that in the last couple posts. Soon I will tell you. SOON.), the bad tax related.

*shakes fist at taxes*

Taxes really are The Worst. THE WORST.

But that’s all really boring and I am positive that none of you want to hear about it.

So instead I’ll tell you about the couple things making me happy this week.

1. New CMS

Tihs is so insanely nerdy, but on Monday I received the new edition of Chicago Manual of Style. And it’s soooo pretty. The teal and coral color scheme is oh-so au courant, and CMS still believe in the Oxford comma.

It’s the little things, ya know?

2. Joss Whedon has read Jane Austen

3. Jane by Design

The other…

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