Bolshoi Theatre Launches YouTube Channel

Bolshoi Theatre Launches YouTube Channel.

Trio, Francesca da Rimini, and Carnaval des Animaux at SF Ballet for Zyzzyva

Writhing in Apathy

Helgi Tomasson, the San Francisco Ballet’s artistic director and principal choreographer, combined elements of modern and classical ballet to create “Trio,” set to Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence. While much of the ballet recalls the aggrandized ballroom prancing one sees so often, softened arm positions and unusual footwork modernized the movements. The women’s richly autumnal-colored dresses, though shaped like a slightly less stiff version of the lampshade skirt (ballet’s frumpiest costume), were slit to the hip, and allowed a leg to swing out in many steps and kept the piece from looking as primly traditional as it might have otherwise. But while the first and third movement of “Trio” seemed trapped in a sort of generalized exuberance, the middle piece offered a heartbreaking, and ambiguous, drama.

The program notes describe the pas de deux (which turned into a pas de trois) as “lovers and death,” but I admit I had…

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San Francisco Ballet Announces Casting for Opening Night of Program 7, 2012-Balanchine Masterworks Preview

Odette's Ordeal


San Franciso Ballet’s Balanchine Tribute Honors the Company’s 60th Anniversary of Performing the Masterworks of Choreographic Legend George Balanchine

San Francisco Ballet’s all-Balanchine program, its nearly annual tribute to the late Great and Powerful George Balanchine, known fondly as ‘Mr. B’ to his dancers, one of the world’s most prolific and most musical choreographers, who also just happened to change the face of American Ballet as we knew it, is finally upon us and we are all abuzz with anticipation for the revival of the master’s Scotch Symphony, not performed by this company in 40+ years.

The opening night cast honors for Scotch Symphony are given to Yuan Yuan Tan, Davit Karapetyan, & Courtney Elizabeth (a perfect cast based on Odette’s rusty memories of her one and only time seeing the ballet as performed by Sacramento Ballet over a decade ago), with additional excitement peppering the program as company favorites Taras Domitro and Vito Mazzeo will be making their debuts…

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What’s Making Me Happy {7}

Bethany Larson

Well, this week has had a lotta bit of good and a pretty good chunk of bad too. The good is career-related (I know I’ve been vaguely saying that in the last couple posts. Soon I will tell you. SOON.), the bad tax related.

*shakes fist at taxes*

Taxes really are The Worst. THE WORST.

But that’s all really boring and I am positive that none of you want to hear about it.

So instead I’ll tell you about the couple things making me happy this week.

1. New CMS

Tihs is so insanely nerdy, but on Monday I received the new edition of Chicago Manual of Style. And it’s soooo pretty. The teal and coral color scheme is oh-so au courant, and CMS still believe in the Oxford comma.

It’s the little things, ya know?

2. Joss Whedon has read Jane Austen

3. Jane by Design

The other…

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