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▶ Ballet Evolved – Auguste Vestris 1760-1842 – YouTube

▶ Ballet Evolved – Auguste Vestris 1760-1842 – YouTube.

Even though I disagree with her statement that they counted the movements separately-there is a lovely work here by the male dancer of the RB. The music is accurate, but I think the jumps were even higher, there were more crossings and it is pretty well agreed upon that Gaeton Vestris was of virtuoso skill and his father, Auguste, and Noverre, suggested that he combine his three great abilities: large jumps, quick footwork and multiple turns-which was a combination of styles and not the norm, but never seen together-so a new repertory had to be created for him, combining character roles and colorful athletic roles, dances serieux, comique and demi-caractere….I write about this in my book, Chapter 2 (Danse d’Ecole).