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I’m sitting here trying to tie together the news that Joy Womack is leaving the Bolshoi for the Kremlin Ballet, with the comment Jennifer S. left on a previous post (that Womack is divorcing her Russian husband because their marriage was a sham), and this:

Voice of Russia article

Now, character assassination is a pretty common weapon in Russian ballet circles, and some people provide generous targets.  As I never saw Womack dance with the Bolshoi, it’s impossible for me to say if she was one of them.

My take on it, as an older woman who has “been around the block” more than once, is that Joy Womack is a teen with high ideals, and possibly a girl who came from a very sheltered, strict “Quiverfull” type of background (note the use of the word “type;” if the family actually had been Quiverfull followers, Joy would never have been…

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