Auditioning (a post by request)

A very nice post by Dancer and Writer Remy Lamping


This post was requested by a few people, who wanted to know about my experiences auditioning to get into a company. So I thought I’d talk a bit about my own personal experiences, as well as explaining the process of how auditioning works.

My senior year of school, I began looking for a job. This entails mostly just searching online, finding companies or countries that interest you, and seeing when and where they have auditions and what you need to send to them in order to be considered to come there and take class. There are many websites that can help out with this, such as, pointe magazine, and network dance.

Once you’ve found places that interest you, you’ll have to send them your information in order to be considered to be invited to audition there. Usually companies ask for your CV/resume, a headshot, 2 or…

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