Fund Mysylph Button-Boldly Seeking Donations

My site, has a new Donate Button. It looks like this and can be found on the Home page. If you Like my blog, my research, any of the articles or News, a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. It isn’t going to be a major source of income, but it will help me to not only feel appreciated, but continue to write. For now, pretty much any donations that I receive will probably go to helping my daughter continue her training, even if it a hot chocolate, toe tape or a pair of pointe shoes-you would be helping a dancer, and me. Any donation will automatically receive an email, thanking you, with a chapter of my book, Differences of Movement attached. If you contribute $10.00 or more you will also get an entire copy of that book. I do not have much else to offer until the next book comes along. 🙂

Donate Via Paypal
Donate Via Paypal

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