It’s Terribly Funny…..What?

I was looking at the Prix de Lausanne Photos from this year-I was in awe of their poses. I thought. “wow, they are all so good.” Then I actually watched the videos from each day. They were already featuring the winners! Also, they break them up into little groups (by number) and work with them. Some get to do variations and some do not apparently. Pictures with Manga????How does the selection process work? Pre-selection in 2 countries….how does that work? They were not even bothering to (or were not able) point their feet at the barre…..oh, and it was very contemporary-based…..I just think dance and not ballet is the point of these things. I keep waiting for real expression and artistry…..but it is just rolling around and gymnastic feats….nothing to take my breath away, really. By the way, how long are some dancers in YAGP going to remain the same age. I just saw one last night who is listed as 14 and she is definitely at least 17-older than my daughter! DO they need proofreading help or fact-checking help?


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