Moving On

I have written a lot of posts now. 101 or something like that.Often, I do not have technical information to pass on, but my post is really not about that-it is just a lot of research, knowledge and regurgitation of what other people write-somewhere. To me that is bordering on copyright infringement (yes, I have a conscience). Perhaps, I feel that trying to give too much technical information about injuries (I’ve had them) and what to do for summer intensives, and how to become a ballerina are far-reaching topics, that require specific information abofut the people who might be receptive to them, and cautiously, I guard my advice. It is not my endeavor to help other people, but rather to help myself, and I certainly do not want to give misinformation to anyone out there looking for the truth.

The purpose of this blog is to compile information about dancers, and so far not one person has responded to my request for information about why people dance, what motivates them to start/continue (at any age), share the highlights of their dancing career, and report to people who might find this information interesting, useful, or inspiring. At best, I hope that, eventually, some people who read this will take the time to respond so that I might share their post with the world of dancers, which may grow, and from which, we might all see the sort of private life of dancers that at least I am interested in. What makes them tick, why they go for an art/sport which is highly competitive, results in injury, and may leave them destitute and possibly unappreciated at some future date.

The positive side of this manner of research is to hear from the dancer’s themselves about their lives, their highs and lows, their accomplishments and their methods of perseverance in a field so ripe with jealousy, rejection, rewards, joy, freedom, discipline, a real mystery to me, is why some dancers continue to seek perfection of the sylph and why some don’t. I suppose, to me, this might be the same as the root for people who stop drawing, never try to sing, are afraid to stand up in public, or don’t dance in public. There are many taboos in society for casual dancing, as there are many rules of etiquette for the ballet studio. It seems sometime that if people followed the simple rules of etiquette in the ballet studio, in life, many problems of society might be followed: why do damage to the sacred temple, respect your teachers, respect each other, be quiet, strive to do the best you can, learn all the rules before you break them, always say thank you, and come to class in clean attire with your hair neatly back. I am not sure why dancers gravitate together, but they do, they have, and they probably always will. It is like a religion for them, and they are wiser from their experience.

It is a shame when business comes into the studio-it is entirely expected for anything coming out of it to be fair game for capitalists. But the studio is a sacred ground and there ought to be someplace in everyone’s life for peace, for digging deep into oneself and being the best that one can be, strengthening the body as well as the soul. Perhaps, I am not so concerned with why people dance, but why others don’t. Keep on dancing!





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