The path to excellence is not necessarily the path to acceptance….and getting up on Sunday!

Well, today we arise early to attend a “secret” class by one of the teachers at our school. It is Father’s Day, which won’t affect our plans as the Father is not at home-or you’re talking to him. whichever way you see it. But it is Sunday. Why do we do this?

I could go get bagels, finish washing my carpets and write in this journal gloriously until I am tired of it, make Sunday dinner, and do a number of things that come to mind when you are having a day off. My daughter is up preparing to go with little nudging from me and the gripe that I could have woken her up sooner.

Coming after Friday’s private where her teacher informed me that she has back and rear extension problems. Her back is flexible but not very strong yet and her arabesque remains at a resolute 90 degrees. Her other problem is turnout. If not warmed up she is turned in although she looks pretty good to me otherwise and is improving rapidly under his tutelage. I think she works only partially on these issues, except for turnout, because she needs supervision and advice. If your Bolshoi and Vagonova-trained teacher told you these things, you would probably take up jazz. He wants her to do her frogs about ten times per day and says the stretching he must do with her is “tricky” but essential if she wants to become really great. Of course she does. I feel I will have to watch as it is my responsibility as a parent to sit by while he performs this (cruel torture) just to make sure she is not really hurt.If you have been in the other room when your child was circumcised-and felt it-then you will understand that to watch as your child is stretched is difficult to bear. I am told it does not really hurt them, though. But, I know he does not want to hurt her. All of this for Raymonda, so to speak.

She has been attending so many classes per day that he did not hint, but asked right out why I bring her to so many (!). He is worried about her achilles tendon injury (or others) and the fact that she is repeating too many of the same exercises. I know what he means. In order to bribe me, he offered to teach her (work on) exercises straight from the Vaganova syllabus-7 different cambres, etc….and demanded that she work on the above stretches and strengtheners on her own, instead of overdoing exercises in class, and at barre. Well! This way he intends to switch up her exercises but still train as much. He calls it training “smarter.” We love him!!!!

Even though she got moved up a level she would have different teachers everyday which he considers too many teachers for her. So, we will be modifying her schedule with respect to his dogma and advice. This suits us fine actually even though she will miss two advanced classes and probably anger other teachers. But when you know what your child needs (and wants) sometimes you cannot be afraid to assert your will to get what you want and need, even at the expense of going against the grain of a regimen….

Keep on dancing!!!

He also wants her to dance more often ???? I think he means performances. How??? Could anyone ask for a better teacher (or a better daughter)? <3…..




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